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Non-Cash Gifts

You can choose to support ministry by donating a non-cash asset like stock, real estate, livestock/agricultural products, or other items of marketable value. By giving non-cash gifts through the Foundation, you can enjoy large tax savings and give a greater gift to ministry.

Benefits of Giving

How an Outright Gift Works

The Foundation make non-cash giving easy. All you need to do is contact the Foundation and let us know what you are interested in giving. We'll send you all the necessary forms and guide you through the legal process of making the gift. You tell us where you wants the funds to be distributed, whether to a church, a favorite ministry, or both, and we'll handle the rest. To learn more about the types of assets that can be donated, visit the page What to Give.

Why give through the Foundation?

The Nazarene Foundation is equipped to handle many gifts that churches and smaller ministries cannot. We can directly accept stocks and bonds, real estate, and other assets, liquidate them, and then distribute the funds, so that the church or ministry receives the benefit of the gift without the burden of processing it. Likewise, by allowing the Foundation to sell the asset, you avoid costly capital gains taxes and increases to your taxable income.

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