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Legacy Sunday

On Legacy Sunday, you can plan a service on generosity and stewardship, as well as provide informational resources to your congregation about how they can use planned and deferred giving with the Foundation to bless the work of their church.

Planning a Legacy Sunday

Planning a Legacy Sunday involves several components:

Below, we've provided you with all of the resources necessary for each of these three steps. We believe that it is important for churches to have a conversation about the final stewardship of our assets, and that is why we want to partner with you through Legacy Ministry.


Resources for Promoting the Date

Use these materials to plan your Legacy Ministry Sunday service. See the document How to Plan and Promote Legacy Ministry Sunday for tips on how to use these resources.


Resources for Planning the Service

These materials are available to use as an outline for a Legacy service. We encourage you to modify these resources for your congregation as well as add in your own stories, examples, and teachings on generosity.

"Covenantal Trust" sermon:

"Model Generosity" sermon:

The following two documents can be used in conjunction with either sermon resource:

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How the Foundation Can Help

Through your church's Legacy Sunday, you can teach your congregation about how they can give in creative ways to support your church's ministry and mission. The Foundation is available to partner with churches to help donors give both monetary and non-monetary gifts in creative ways such as charitable gift annuities, personal giving funds, trusts, endowments, bequests, and more.

Foundation representatives are available to speak with anyone in your church who wants to learn more about planned and deferred giving. You can also invite a representative to visit your church. Contact us at (913) 577-2983 or by filling out this form.