The Child Sponsorship Endowment

The Child Sponsorship Endowment

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Evangeline had always lived a simple life. She grew up in a “regular tithing family” during the days of the Great Depression and learned that the Lord’s promises regarding tithing are true. She relied on Him and all of His promises, witnessing her family continue to give to Kingdom business in the midst of lean financial resources.

The Lord saw her through her education at Olivet as she trusted Him and worked to support herself with the help of her parents. After graduating, she and her husband Leo entered the ministry and continued to live a simple but adequate lifestyle. Though they were never rich, they relied on the Lord’s promises, tithing faithfully and experiencing His blessings.

After Leo’s death in 2005, Evangeline was determined to remain out of debt. Counting on the grace of the Lord, she economized. By maintaining the simple lifestyle she was always accustomed to, and with the help of her Social Security, a small pension, and an annuity from her sister, she never accumulated any debt and her bank account grew.

She was not, however, content with having more money than she needed. Evangeline says, “I couldn’t, and still can’t, be comfortable with a large amount of money when so many people are starving. I am 93 years old and am trusting the Lord to help me be a good steward.”

When she heard about the Foundation’s Child Sponsorship Endowment, she knew it was an answer to her prayers. Through one gift, she could make an investment in the lives of many children and help them to experience the faithfulness and blessing of the Lord just as she always has. With $8,000, part of the excess that the Lord had blessed her with, she contributed to an endowment that will sponsor child after child until Jesus returns. Her gift alone will provide the funding for one child, every year, to be fully sponsored until he or she ages out of the program.

After providing for her family, Evangeline also wants a portion of her estate to go to the work of Kingdom building, and she hopes to hear the Lord say, “Well done.”