Model Generosity

Set an Example of Generosity

Family with two children on couch

It’s never too early to start teaching your children good stewardship. Below you will find three ideas to help you in this worthy endeavor.

1. Model biblical principles

Teaching your children to tithe and to give above and beyond the tithe is important, but it’s also important to teach them to put their faith in action. Get them involved in projects to help others, such as food or clothing drives for those less fortunate.

2. Teach children how to manage money

Good money management isn’t just a life skill—it’s also a spiritual practice that will enable your children to give when they are older and have more money at their disposal. Children develop their spending habits early on, so it’s important to teach them good management skills as soon as they have their own money.

3. Involve older children in the estate planning process

You might be concerned that addressing the issue of what would happen if you pass away will create anxiety in your children, but as long as they’re old enough to understand the concept of estate planning, children can gain added security from knowing that you’ve arranged for how to provide for them. It’s not necessary to share detailed financial information with them; simply explaining how the process works will help.

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